Impaqt Edge

Impaqt Edge

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Introducing Impaqt EDGE – the most revolutionary ‘Multi-Benefit Smart Drink’ health supplement to hit the market.

Edge is comprised of key nutrients that operate on a cellular level throughout the entire body, especially in the brain.

The magic in Edge lies in a team of key ingredients: curcumin, a vegetable-based DHA (Omega 3 oil), Inositol, Zinc and Beet Extract. Together, they make an incredible IMPAQT on a myriad of functions in the brain and body.

While the ingredients play a key role in Edge, the real secret is the proprietary science behind the Molecular Activation Technology (MAT). This technology allows these key ingredients, once fully activated, to begin working a cellular level within only a few minutes after taking the product.


  •  Focus*
  •  Concentration*
  •  Mental clarity*
  •  Mood*
  •  Cognitive function*
  •  Brain focusing on a higher level*
  •  Ability to interact with people*
  •  Confidence when the brain is balanced*


Each Display Box contains 15 Sticks

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